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Review Asus K75VJ Notebook

Asus want to attract buyers with a Core i7-3610QM CPU, a GeForce GT 635 GPU and a 17-inch display (1,600 x 900 pixels). Given the specs, the device should be appropriate for nearly all fields of application and many user. Our test will show if this is actually true. Acer AS10D73 charger

We will compare the test sample to Lenovo's Ideapad G780 (Core i5-3210M, GeForce GT 630M) and HP's Pavilion g7-2007sg (Core i7-3612QM, Radeon HD 7670M).

We already know appearance, choice of colors and materials from the Asus K55VM-SX064V (15.6 inch). Except from the metal palm rests the K75VJ is entirely made from plastics. We appreciate that all parts of the case are matte. In addition the lid has a surface texture which improves the grip. On the contrary, the case of the Pavilion is completely made from glossy plastics. Alike the Asus, Lenovo also mainly made the Ideapad from plastics, but used metal palm rests. Acer AS10D7E charger

The palm rests of the K75VJ are quite pressure resistant, but the other parts of the base unit are not that stable. The case slightly gives left and right of the keyboard. If you hold the base unit on one of the two front corners, the case slightly twists, but overall the stability is acceptable. The opened lid can also slightly be twisted and you'll observe a minimal color shift on the display, while it only slightly yields without recognizable image shifts under pressure. The hinges hold the lid stably in the adjusted position, but allow a minimal teetering. However, they are too stiff for one handed opening.

Contrary to the Pavilion and the Ideapad, which only deliver Fast Ethernet, the K75VJ houses a Gigabit Ethernet chip (RTL8168/8111) from Realtek. The WLAN module of our test sample stems from Atheros (AR5B125) and supports standards 802.11 b/g/n. A Bluetooth chip is not available, but a HD web cam is incorporated in the display frame.

In the box of the notebook the users will find a few thin guides, the warranty information and a short guide to Windows 8.

Operating System and Recovery
Asus delivers the 17.3-incher with pre-installed Windows 8 (64 Bit). A installation DVD does not belong to the scope of delivery, but the system offers a recovery system. In order to launch it, you need to hit F9 after switching the computer on.

  • asus u41jf AC Adapter/Charger

RAM, hard drive and WLAN module are accessible via a maintenance flap on the underside. In addition it is possible to clean the fan to some extent. The two RAM slots of our test model are already occupied (6 GB). The notebook supports up to 8 GB. It's easy to replace the hard drive. You simply need to loosen some screws and pull it out. Beside the hard drive there is also a second hard drive slot. So, you could equip the laptop with to hard drives: a fast SSD for the operating system and a conventional hard drive for the data. Unfortunately, a second hard drive cage does not belong to the scope of delivery.

Buyers of the K75VJ get a 24-month Collect and Return warranty. The Ideapad also comes with a two year warranty, but the Pavilion's is only 12 month. It is possible to enhance the warranty period of the Asus notebook to 36 month for about 70 to 80 Euro, but you need to buy and enable this warranty extension within 90 days after the purchase of the notebook.


Asus's K75VJ series consists of a number of general-purpose DTR notebooks. Their performance more than suffices usual tasks like Internet browsing and communication and video playback. Thanks to its GeForce GPU the laptop can also run demanding 3D games. We test the current top model of the series, which costs about 800 Euro at the time of writing. In addition Asus also offer two further models of the K75VJ product range with different CPUs, RAM and hard drive capacities, which are priced at about 700 (TY100H) and 750 Euro (TY101H). Acer AK.006BT.074 charger

Asus equip our K75VJ test model with an Intel Core i7-3610QM quad core Ivy Bridge CPU, which uses a base clock of 2.3 GHz. Its Turbo can increase the clock rate to 3.1 GHz (four cores), 3.2 GHz (two cores), or 3.3 GHz (single core).

In the Cinebench benchmarks the laptop scores as expected. The CPU works at maximum speed (3.1 Ghz) and, because of its faster CPU, our test model significantly outperforms Lenovo's Ideapad G780 (Core i5-3210M, GeForce GT 630M) and HP's Pavilion g7-2007sg (Core i7-3612QM, Radeon HD 7670M) in the CPU tests. However, the Pavilion is fastest in the GL test as it houses the strongest GPU of the three competitors.

Gaming performance
The K75VJ can play current computer games in medium and often also in high quality at a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels without problems. Frugal games like Fifa 13 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also run smoothly in FullHD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). In cutting-edge, performance-hungry games, like Hitman: Absolution the limits of the GeForce GT 635M GPU get obvious. This game can barely be played at medium settings. The following table about Anno 2070 depicts that the Radeon HD 7670M in the Pavilion is the fastest GPU in our comparison. Its frame rates are a tad higher than the K75VJ's.

Regardless of the scenario we are very satisfied with the surface temperatures. While idle the temperatures range from 25.6 to 33.1 degrees Celsius. Under full load (Prime 95 and Furmark) the values increase to 26.6 to 44.1 degrees Celsius. So, it is possible to use the 17.3-incher on the lap. In addition the cool palm rests (30 degrees Celsius) allow for a pleasant working experience. The Pavilion and the Ideapad get clearly hotter under full load.

During our stress test (Prime 95 and Furmark for at least one hour) the speed of the CPU varies in mains operation. It basically works at 2.3 Ghz, but sometimes the clock of all three cores is increased to 3.1 GHz. The longer the test runs, the less frequently this happens. Sometimes a single core is throttled to 1.2 GHz. The GPU starts the stress test with a clock rate of 661.5 MHz. After about 5 minutes it falls to 630 MHz. Sometimes the GPU throttles to 594.8 MHz. If the stress test is run in battery mode, the CPU basically clocks at 1.2 GHz. Sometimes it accelerates to 3.1 GHz. After initial up and downs (about 2-3 minutes, 67.5 MHz to 661.5 MHz) the CPU works at constant 661.5 MHz.

A general-purpose multimedia device like the K75VJ should deliver a halfway decent sound and the Asus indeed does. The two Altec Lansing speakers sit on the underside and sound somewhat voluminous, but lack bass. Speech is clearly audible. However, headphones or external speakers are recommended for a better audio experience.

Battery Life

Power consumption
While idle the power consumption is between 7.9 and 13.3 Watt. Considering the hardware inside, these are decent values, similar to the G780's and the HP Pavilion's. Under full load (Prime95 and Furmark) the power consumption increases to nearly 98.1 Watt, which exceeds the 90 Watt specified on the power adapter. While the IdeaPad is with 62.9 Watt much more frugal, the Pavilion also reaches a high value of 86.6 Watt. The differences are also quite notably under medium load (3D Mark 2006). The K75VJ (65,1 Watt) demands significantly more power than its competitors (HP: 44 Watt, Lenovo: 55.7 Watt).

Battery Life
When idle the K75VJ achieves a battery life of 5:33 h. The Pavilion (5:38 h) and the Ideapad G780 (5:49 h) only run a tad longer. We test the idle scenario by means of the Battery Eater Reader's test with energy saving profile, disabled WiFi modules and lowest display brightness. Under load the K75VJ only runs 0:55 h on battery. The HP's battery life of 0:46 h is even shorter, while the G780 does not shut down before 1:34 h. As usually, we used the Battery Eater Classic with maximum display brightness, high performance profile and enabled WiFi modules to record the minimum battery runtime.

Our Asus ends the WLAN test after 3:36 h (HP: 3:53 h, Lenovo: 3:22 h). Here our looping script automatically loads web sites in 40-second intervals. The energy saving profile is active and the display brightness is set to 150 cd/m². A full battery capacity is sufficient for 2:36 h DVD playback. The values of the competitors (Pavilion: 2:52 h, G780: 2:30 h) do not differ much. The DVD test is run with energy saving profile (or higher, if the DVD does not play smoothly), maximum display brightness and active WiFi modules. As the three notebooks have batteries with nearly identical capacities (HP, Lenovo: 48 Wh; Asus: 50 Wh) the battery runtimes are easily comparably. Acer AS10D charger

With the K75VJ, Asus offer a balanced system, which delivers an excellent system performance and a good gaming performance. When running usual tasks, it works quietly and does not heat excessively. In addition we appreciate its two year warranty period. A further pro is its second hard drive slot. Furthermore, the notebook also has a saving potential. If the performance of a Core i5 dual core CPU suffices your needs, you can opt for one of the other models of the series and save 50 or 100 Euros. Unfortunately the K75VJ series only comes with a moderate, poor-contrast display. If Asus used a better display, the computer would rate much better. Acer AS10D31 charger

If you focus on computer games, you should consider the Pavilion g7-2007sg, which achieves better frame rates. If you look for a quiet and frugal notebook, the Ideapad G780 is a good choice, but keep in mind, that Lenovo crops the performance of the CPU.







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