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Review HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg Netbook

Those who do not want to spend more than 400 Euro for a mobile PC, should not consider the still significantly more expensive ultrabooks, but rather the netbooks and subnotebooks with Intel or AMD processors. HP 2000-369NR Battery Recent 11.6-inch devices for this price-conscious target group included the Acers Aspire One 756 (Pentium ULV), the Aspire One D270-26Dbb (Atom N2600), the Aspire One 722-C62kk (AMD C-60), the Samsung 305U1A-A01DE (E-450), the Sony Vaio SVE-1111M1E/P and the Lenovo ThinkPad X121e (AMD E-300). The futures has more of these in store, as the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E130 (Pentium 977), IdeaPad S206 (E1-1200) or the ThinkPad Edge E135 (E2-1800) show us (reviews will follow soon). HP 2000-369WM Battery

Intel's Atom processors, which powered the classic netbooks from 2008 to 2010, could not assert themselves over AMD's APU platforms. With better multimedia qualities and somewhat higher performance, the APU devices managed at least as long battery runtimes as Intel's Atom.

HP 2000-370CA Battery HP decided to use an AMD E1-1200 (2x 1,40GHz) for the new version of its Pavilion dm1-4200sg (B6K79EA). The APU rounds up the current E series at the bottom. It does in fact have a lower performance than the sister APU E2-1800, but with a 11.6-inch netbook more important is the mobility. How does the small guy perform, you can read in our detailed review.

HP 2000-373CA Battery HP does not follow the mass trend of super flat subnotebooks and has built a device that stresses its bulkiness at the rear area. The notebook uses the 32 mm (1.25 inches) height in order to house the removable battery. In comparison to many ultrabooks and even some low-cost minis (Lenovo S206), the removable battery seems almost a rarity.

Rarely is the width of the opening angle of the display lid exactly 180 degrees. Thus we can open the display all the way to the table top. The high weight of 1.5 kg is partially due to the 55 Wh battery. The rest stems from the plastic housing, which is rubberized on the lid to give it higher grip. HP 2000-375CA Battery

hp compaq notebook nw8200 battery

The hinges are tightly and firmly mounted on the base unit. The silver cover though, gives in significantly when pressed. The display lid also gives in, even under light pressure. All this does not hinder functionality, but it takes away from the value.

Simple maintenance and quick replacement of components seems to be of great importance to HP. Thus the bottom cover lacks any screws and it can simply be slid to the front. This not only exposes the components, but also allows for cleaning the fan. HP 000-379WM Battery

Unfortunately the dm1-4200sg trumps these advantages with the weak stability of the chassis as well as inaccurate gaps on the bottom side. We even had a problem with the bottom cover pushing itself open, when we handled the device. A couple of screw could have worked wonders here. The base unit bends significantly, if we lift it at a front corner. HP 2000Z-400CA Battery


HP has equipped the 11.6-incher with a dual-core APU by AMD. The Accelerated Processing Unit is a processor with integrated graphics card and single-channel memory controller (up to DDR3-1066). The Bobcat core of the E1-1200 (2 x 1,4 GHz) are relatively weak. But because of their low power consumption, the APU allows for long runtimes. A "power version" of the dm1 with AMD E2-1800 (2 x 1,7 GHz) is not available at this time. HP 2000-410US Battery

The Radeon HD 7310 graphics in the APU should cover the multimedia aspects of the system and aid the low performance of the CPU cores. Since its 3D performance is lower than that of the Radeon HD 7340 in the E2-1800, current games are out of the question. The GPU helps considerably more the processor with decoding HD movies or with applications, which use the hardware acceleration of the Radeon. HP 2000-412NR Battery

TDP is 18 W. There is not turbo mode, but the Bobcat downclocks to 800 MHz in idle. There are also 4096 MB DDR3 system memory in the dm1 (2 x 2 GB). The 64 bit Windows 7 is pre-installed on the 320 GB HDD by Toshiba.

The AMD E1-1200 Zacate APU is intended as a direct rival to the Intel Atom generations. We compared its performance to the sister model E2-1800 (1.7 GHz) and the predecessors AMD E-450 and C-60. The Pentium 987 (Acer Aspire One 756, 11.6-inch) is also in the competition. HP 2000-413NR Battery

The Cinebench R11.5 64 Bit showed a Multi-Core test result of 0.53 points. A E2-1800 (0.66) manages up to 25% more. The same goes for the E-450, which depending on the system is 10 to 20% faster. Only the C-60 (0,45), which is the predecessor of E1, is 15 to 20% slower. The Multi-Thread benchmark cannot be ran on the Atom N2600/N2800. The Pentium 987 is practically the performance leader (+113% @Aspire One 756). HP 2000-416DX Battery

The Single-Core test has the same results: 0.28 versus 0.34 points ( E2-1800, +20 %), respectively versus 0.33 points (E-450, +18%). The C-60 is slower (-25%). The Low-Voltage Pentium keeps its advantage at +111 %.

The CPU performance is also available on battery power. The R11.5 Multi showed the same result as when plugged in.

Gaming Performance
HP 2000-417NR Battery There is no question about the gaming performance with this device, as the covered in red table shows. The 3DMark 06 and 11 above already say: On lower settings, the user is better off with a low-voltage Pentium. But as we mentioned before, the dm1 is meant as a gamer.
Despite the constant operation of the fan, the base unit heats up significantly in normal use. An average 34 degrees on the top and 38 degrees on the bottom side will not burn your pants, but the surfaces feel considerably warm. HP 2000-418US Battery Things look different after an hour of stress testing. At the point of the bottom cover near the fan reached 56 degrees, a very high temperature.

We run the stress test, with the processor and graphics card simultaneously under full load, in order to burden the cooling system to the maximum. The clock frequency remained at the constant 1.4 GHz. The highest temperature according to HWinfo was 88 degrees Celsius.

HP 2000-420CA Battery The small stereo speakers (at the front) give a loud and, in terms of the mids and highs, a relatively balanced sound. The bass lacks completely, as the small diaphragms cannot reproduce it. The beatsaudio settings offer presets for the internal speakers, in-ear headphones, passive standard headphones, and the HDMI. Without these, the sound seems thin and weak. The volume is very good for an 11.6-incher.

HP 2000-425NR Battery External audio devices can be connected either via the HDMI, or the classic headphone jack. There is also a separate jack for the good old analog microphone. Many manufacturers rely on a combo jack, which hinders some uses.

Battery Life

hp compaq notebook nw8200 Charger

Power Consumption
HP 2000-427CL Battery Depending on the form factor, previous APU subnotebooks with AMD's E-350 and E-450 consumed 8 to 14 W in idle and 24 to 30 W under load. HP's 11.6-inch notebook draws in idle 7.7 to 10.1 W. But even the APU predecessor Samsung 305U1A with E-450 could manage this (8 to 11.5 W).

Under load with the 3DMark 2006, the 11.6-inch notebook consumes 24 W; in the stress test it needed 31 W. This is also typical for the efficient E-450 and E2-1800 devices. HP 2000-428DX Battery Samsung 305U1A: 24 and 30 W, Vaio SVE-1111M1E/P: 25 and 30 W. The battery was already charged during the measurements. At first glance, the 65 W power supply seems oversized. But this way there are 25 W lefts for charging the battery, which can continue even under higher load.

Battery Life
The 55 Wh lithium-ion battery ensures the expected hours of battery life. In idle the 11.6–incher lasted 8:48 hours. This is unrealistic, because it used minimum brightness and inactive wireless modules. HP 2000-430CA Battery

In the WLAN test (script refreshes websites, some with video) we measured a time of 5:55 hours. The brightness was set at 150 cd/m² (one step darker). With this runtime the dm1 seems acceptable, but is not among the best: The Sony Vaio SVE-1111M1E/P (E2-1800) manages only 4:19 hours, but with a weaker 38 Wh battery. Even APU-based 15.6-inch notebooks, such as the Lenovo G585-M8325GE (48 Wh), last five hours. HP 2000-450CA Battery The previous APU C-60 in the Acer Aspire One 722-C62kk (48 Wh) managed 6:47 hours. With a weaker battery, the Atom N2600 netbook Asus Eee PC 1011CX (47 wh) lasted full 8:49 hours.

The HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg (B6K79EA) leaves a mixed impression. It is not about the low performance, which is partially due to the system and is a sacrifice, which must be made in the name of long battery life and low power consumption. Even the non-existent gaming performance was predictable and will deter potential customers. HP 2000-453CA Battery

The mixed feeling about the Pavilion dm1-4200sg are based on the partially good and partially bad characteristics. Five hours of battery life are great – but not with a moderately bright glare type panel. Matte, non-slip surfaces are very practical – but the creaking, flexible chassis blocks any impression of quality. Typing is quick on the large keyboard and gliding is easy on the touch pad – but what function do the reflective TFT bezel and high-gloss key frame serve?
HP EliteBook 8560w Battery

For us the HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg is a fundamentally good device, which cannot sustain its strengths. The 11.6-inch notebook would have looked quite different with a matte TFT and a stable base unit.




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